Affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad

Fresher's Day 2023 - 26.10.2023

The Freshers’ Day program at Anjuman Degree College, organized by the Student Welfare Wing, was a resounding success. The event was hosted by Mohtesham Muaviya (B.A V Sem) and Ruzdan Shareef (B.Com V Sem), creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere for both new and existing students.

The program began with a Quranic recitation by Syed Abdul Mubeen (BCom V Sem), setting a spiritual tone for the event. Mohd. Sameer from final year B.Com delivered a warm welcome address to the attendees.

 A summary of the key addresses and events during the function is as follows :

Address Chronology:

a) Additional General Secretary, Janab Ishaque Shabandari, encouraged the fresh incoming students to give their best and pursue their dreams.

b) College Principal, Prof. Mushtaque K. Shaikh, advised students to make the best use of the College’s facilities, including the library, laboratory, and other amenities in their academic journey.

c) Vice President of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Janab Sadique Pilloor, encouraged the students to excel in their academic endeavors.

d) Syed Abdul Mannan(BSc V Sem) gave a vote of thanks, acknowledging all those who made the event possible.

During the course of the function, Mohiddin Asbah was felicitated for his outstanding performance in the academic year 2022-2023 at Karnataka University, Dharwad.

Felicitation of Mohiddin Asbah on Fresher’s Day 2023

Notable attendees at the event included:

  • Prof. Mohammed Ganim (Student Welfare Officer)
  • Prof. Manjunath Prabhu (HOD, Department of Commerce)
  • Prof. S.A Indikar (NAAC Coordinator)
  • Dr. Syed Saleem (College Board Secretary)

Approximately 250 attendees, including both staff and students, witnessed the formal function, which commenced at 10:00 AM and concluded at 11:00 AM.

Following the formal function, the celebration continued with indoor events organized by final-year students in the college function hall, adding a fun and interactive element to the Fresher’s Day. The event overall showcased a sense of unity, encouragement, and support for the new students, setting a positive tone for their journey at Anjuman Degree College.