Affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad

Management Level: All procedures and policies discussed during the College Board Meeting are implemented by the Principal. The College Board Secretary is entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating and supervising the policies related to the college are implemented.

Administrative Level: All related and relevant information regarding Admission, Scholarships, Exams, Courses offered, Infrastructure facilities, Programs and Functions are conveyed to the students through College Prospectus, Notices, college Website and College MIS system – Jupsoft.

Faculty Level: The Principal convenes a meeting of all the H.O.D’s of various departments to apprise them about the Academic objectives to be achieved. A general Staff meeting is convened at the beginning of the academic year and various committees are formed for smooth and effective implementation of the policies and objectives.

IQAC: The IQAC coordinator regularly interacts with Principal, College Board Secretary and various committees and units of the college for organizing / conducting necessary programs and activities and places the recommendations and proposals to the principal for needful action. All Feedback analysis are collected by the IQAC committee.

Library: A Library Committee is formed to make regular visits to the library and interact with the Librarian and collect information about books, journals, reference materials, e-lib. Information about new arrivals is regularly displayed on the notice board. Requisition for the books for the academic year are submitted through the HODs. Library Committee takes up the follow up action for purchase of required books.

Laboratories: The HOD of Computer Science Department is in charge of all ICT facilities in the Labs. Prof. Damodar M. Naik has been appointed as System Administrator to take care of maintenance of computers and ICT facilities. The HODs of Physics and Chemistry Departments take help of the Lab Assistants / Attenders in maintenance and upkeep of the instruments/apparatus/equipment. Requisition to procure the chemicals/instruments/equipment are submitted by the HODs to the Office. In case of power failure immediate alternative supply of power through generator/invertor is provided to all the labs.

Sports Committee: The Physical Director is assigned with the responsibility of maintaining the play-ground, Gymkhana and purchasing of sports materials by submitting requisition form to the office. Sports Committee is formed to co-ordinate with the Physical Director for the smooth conduct of sports competitions.

Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance: IQAC makes necessary recommendations for augmentation of infrastructure repair and maintenance. Principal places the proposal before the management for consideration and approval. The Works Committee of the management co-ordinates with the Principal to carry out the work. All the classrooms, labs, library, staff room, office are kept neat and clean by the attender and sweeper. A security guard takes care of the parking facilities. A night watchman is appointed to keep vigil of the college property.

Support Systems: Various units in the college N.C.C, N.S.S, S.W.O, Grievance and Redressal Cell, Placement Cell, Career Guidance and Counseling Cell extend all supports to the students.