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Road Safety Week organised by Student’s Welfare Wing

An event named Road Safety Week was organised by Student’s Welfare Wing of Anjuman Arts, Science, Commerce College & P.G. Centre, Bhatkal on November 17, 2022.


The chief guest of the event PSI of Bhatkal town Police Station addressed the students and explained about the importance of wearing helmet while riding bikes. He also told that nowadays the students under the age of 18 ride the bikes with triple seats which is very dangerous for their life as they may lose their control on the highways. He also added students can ride bikes only if they have their DL and with covered insurance and with mandatory usage of helmets.

The Principal of the College Prof. M.K. Shaikh addressed the presidential speech reminding the students about the compulsory usage of helmets as life is very important and how deeply it will effect the parents if they lose their child due to road accidents.

An interesting slow bike race with safety precautions was conducted by the students. The winner and runner up of  the competition are displayed in the below photos.




A short demonstration (shown in above video) on the disadvantages of triple rides was acted by the second year B.Com students on this occasion. This video is powered by