Republic Day Celebrations 2016

“Freedom in minds, faith in words, pride in hearts, memories in soul, let’s salute our nation and be proud to be an Indian.” The 67th republic Day was celebrated in our college ground in the honour of our beloved nation with great solemnity and integrity.

The morning was peaceful and our college ground was bright with NCC cadets, cluster of students and as well as lecturers.  The national flag was hosted by Vice Principal MK Shaikh with the great respect and salute. At 7:30 am, the parade was held and SUO Musab Akrami was the parade commanding leader. The NCC cadets of our college won 1st prize in drill at Taluka Stadium Bhatkal. Our Vice Principal Prof. MK Shaikh addressed the students with the precious and urge the students to do their best and feel proud to be an Indians.

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