Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • To develop this college into a premier Institution of Higher Education and be an active component of National Educational System.
  • To interact with institutions of Higher Education and other organizations those have similar interests and goals.
  • To develop human resource of high calibre that is nationally comparable and internationally acceptable with the counterparts, which will empower our students to cope with competitive needs in the changing global scenario.
  • To work for the Educational Empowerment of our students by imparting knowledge, skills, moral values and attitude.
  • To be efficient, effective, community acceptable and excel in education and service.
  • To induce paradigm shift in region and community that education is pre-requisite for human development.
  • To reach the unreached and serve the un-served with education.
  • To propagate scientific temper, liberalism and humanism.

Our Mission

  • To cater to the Educational needs of Bhatkal and surrounding areas.
  • To induce knowledge that fosters self-learning and continuous improvement.
  • To impart value based quality education and develop adaptability skills.
  • To strive for academic and extracurricular excellence through quality, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement in all the processes of our system.
  • To develop professionalism in Education, Management, Service and work for stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • To develop strong community relationship, foster good-will and co-operation among all sections of students.
  • To develop leadership qualities, patriotism and commitment to contribute to National development.
  • To promote the use of Scientific Technology and Communication Technology in the delivery of education.

Our Motto

To stand by virtues with strength and discourage the evils